Wudao stands for the way of life in the Chinese philosophy. It is the norm to verify the validity of the discipline cultivated through a given art form. We are a leading full service creative and multi talented media and entertainment company based in Holland. We have gained our reputation by our projects, since we deliver quality, creativity, experience, exclusive entertainment, our clients has benefited from the added value for each event. And therefore we are proud to be Wudao. We very much like to offer you the following services:

Wudao Entertainment is the number one entertainment group who delivers an Asian entertainment program for your event with live acts, workshops and performance. We are specialised in authentic cultural entertainment with diversity. Our strength is that we understand the culture and coming from a marketing and performance background we started from scratch just by following our passion and believing in our dream. We build up an international network and now work with talented and passionated artists within one organisation. Therefore we are dynamic and able to adapt quickly to our client’s needs. Each project is unique and that gives us the challenge.

Wudao Media produces audiovisual items. Professional corporate film, online video content, musicvideo, documentary, reportage, weddingfilm, instruction video and commercials. We translate your words in image. We like to create content that people talk about. In addition, we support in webmarketing and design promotional materials and deliver it to our clients for online or printed advertising. Supporting you in your marketing and promotion. We call it branding.